Member Travel And Expense Guidelines


Purpose: It is the purpose of this policy to establish those policies and procedures which apply when Members incur travel and other expenses on behalf of the CBA Yukon.

Review and Distribution: This policy may be reviewed annually, and the then current policy and pertinent forms and schedules will be provided to all members of the CBA Yukon Committee Chairpersons, and other members who are required to travel or conduct business on behalf of the Branch.

Administration: This policy will be administered by the CBA Yukon Executive Director, and requests for reimbursement are to be referred to the CBA Yukon Executive Director for review and approval. The CBA Yukon accepts no responsibility for expenses which are not incurred in compliance with this policy.


Authorization: Travel for specific CBA Yukon meetings, such as Executive Committee and Council, are automatically authorized. All other travel on CBA Yukon business (including travel for guests and meetings, etc.), for which it is intended that reimbursement will be requested, requires prior authority from the Executive Director or designate.

Frm time to time, the CBA Yukon may require that travel, lodging, or meals be conducted with a particular carrier or facility, for specific events in order to achieve economies of scale. On such occasions members affected will be notified in advance.


  1. Class and Fare: Members are required to take advantage of advanced booking discounts or seat sales wherever possible (regardless of whether a stopover or stopovers may be required). A member who is travelling on personal business in conjunction with travel on behalf of the CBAYUKON may be reimbursed for the lowest possible ticket price by providing a dummy ticket.
  2. Frequent Flier Program: Members are entitled to personal benefit from such programs, provided that under no circumstances may a member select a costlier flight on the basis of participation in such a program.  


  1. Preferred Hotels: A list of preferred hotels and discounted rates is available through the CBA. The CBA has negotiated rates with these facilities and has assured a suitable level of comfort and convenience for members. Members are expected to utilize these hotels unless there is no availability at hotels on the list.
  2. Accommodation Type: Generally, members are expected to book rooms at the standard room rate offered by the property for the event at which the Member is attending . Any added costs occasioned by use of suites, executive floors and concierge levels, or similar arrangements, are the responsibility of the Member. Reimbursement will be at the preferred hotel discounted rate for standard rooms. Expenses which are Member’s responsibility: 
    1. Movies, TV games
    2. Alcoholic Beverages
    3. Room Mini Bar
    4. Additional Charges for Family Members
    5. Laundry
  3. Host Per Diem: Members may, upon request, be reimbursed, as an allowance, the sum of $30.00 per night spent by the Member in a private residence. It is intended that the host per diem be paid to, or used for the benefit of, the host family or friend providing the private residence.


  1. Car Rentals: Avis is the CBA preferred supplier, but Members are requested to book the lowest available rate for the vehicle class being rented. Generally, members are expected to rent compact to mid-sized cars for reasons of efficiency of economy. If for safety reasons, or if there are 3 or more members travelling together, the rental of larger vehicles is permitted. In addition, Members may claim actual gas expenses (with submission of receipts), but are not entitled to claim the kilometerage described in C. below.
  2. Taxis: Taxi transportation is permitted where necessary, to and from airports, hotels and in like circumstances, or (where appropriate in the circumstances) to a personal residence.
  3. Personal Vehicle: Where appropriate for reasons of efficiency or economy, travel by personal vehicle will be permitted, and will be eligible for reimbursement at the rate of $0.48/km, for travel on CBAYUKON business, commencing and/or ending at the Member’s home or normal place of business, as the case may be.


A. Certain designated Officers of the CBAYUKON are permitted or required by the President on occasion to carry on entertainment of other persons on behalf of and in the interest of the CBAYUKON. Details of the persons entertained, and the purpose, must be provided in the reimbursement request.


Meals: While on travel status on behalf of the CBAYUKON for duties directly related to their positions, members will be reimbursed for meal expenses up to the following limits (inclusive of taxes) and all meal expenses must be documented by receipts:

  1. Breakfast   $15.00
  2. Luncheon   $20.00
  3. Dinner       $45.00

Other Expenses: Members incurring expenses for administration functions necessarily incidental to and directly related to the functions of a Committee, Task Force, Section or Council may be reimbursed for certain expenses as follows:

  1. Photocopying: Members may be reimbursed for photocopying at $.06/page or – where actual costs exceed $.06/page – at actual cost (not to include firm administration charges, and not including sources external to the Member’s firm) on approval of the Executive Director and subject to the provision of receipts.
  2. Postage and Courier Charges: Members may be reimbursed at actual cost of courier services or mailing, and are encouraged to exercise discretion in the use of couriers in order to minimize cost to CBAYUKON.
  3. Telephone and Fax Charges: Members may be reimbursed at actual cost (not to include firm administration charges), subject to the provision of detailed accounts and receipts.


Suitable receipts in substantiation of claims include:

  1. in the case of air travel, the passenger ticket coupon;
  2. in the case of lodging, the hotel folio as well as a payment receipt;
  3. in the case of vehicle rental, the rental agreement as well as a payment receipt; and
  4. in the case of other expenses, a credit card receipt, cash register receipt, or written receipt.


When incurring expenses on behalf of the CBAYUKON, Members should always be guided by the principal that the CBAYUKON is a not-for-profit organization with limited resources. Members are asked to be reasonable and use prudence when choosing among options, and to choose the lowest cost alternative wherever possible.

Approved by Executive March 7, 2013